Farm Telemetry

FarmTelemetry provides an innovative solution able to support farmers
in the management of farming activities.


FarmTelemetry consists in providing a system to improve farm effectiveness by optimizing the level of farm inputs, such as the energy needed to power agricultural machinery on the fields, energy for the transport of inputs and outputs of production.

The aim is to know the energy consumption of the crops on individual fields, by calculating the energy potential of specific crops on specific fields. This is pursued through:


FarmTelemetry provides an innovative solution able to support farmers in the management of farming actions while reducing the energy consumption and improving carbon balance, maintaining high level of outputs. A complex machinery effectivity sensing and analysis tools for management support is devised and developed.

FarmTelemetry is uniquely able to empower farmers and companies to make the right decisions and timely optimize the level of farm inputs by using its competitive edge.


Technical aspects




Generic Enablers selected

Based on the project requirements and testing results, the following Generic Enablers have been selected for the project:
• IoTBroker
• Orion Context Broker
• CEP Proton
• Cygnus (from BigData GE)
• GIS Data Provider
• KeyRock
• Wirecloud


FarmTelemetry offers an answer to the new challenges in the agri-food sector, in line with the swift growth in the use of new technologies and precision farming. The global precision farming market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.09% from 2015 to 2022 and get to €5,7 billion by 2020. As precision farming has been driven by better produce yield, increased profitability, energy and cost savings, the number of farmers who opts for precision farming methods is increasing rapidly. FarmTelemetry project is addressed to farmers, agricultural cooperatives, machinery producers, and investors interested in innovation and precision agriculture technologies.

FarmTelemetry Consortium

The coordinator of the project is Lesprojekt-Služby Ltd based in the Czech Republic. It has extensive experience in the field of development of sensor systems and wireless sensors network (hardware and software), geo-information systems, communication technologies as well as in application of research and development results in systems for data collection and complex systems for environment protection, crisis management, agriculture and forestry.

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FarmTelemetry Light – Idea for MedHack in Patras

Currently FarmTelemetry require special hardware, which could be expensive for small farms. With new API for SensLog  see  and is here possibility to developed light version of FarmTelemetry, where data will be collected from Smartphones.  Trough newly developed API analysis of FarmTelemetry will be possible to share also in other applications. We are […]

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Some demos screens of Farm Telemetry!


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Project Credits

Telemetry for Increasing Farm Machinery Efficiency (FarmTelemetry) is a project funded under FRACTALS FIWARE Accelerator.

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Contact Info

Karel Charvat, Lesprojekt Ltd
Czech Republic

Skype: karel.charvat

Marco de la Feld, Enco srl

Skype: feld78napoli